The Bath Boutique by Emily Haworth


My lovely friend Emily has recently started her own soap business -
It's a little bit like LUSH in that all the soaps are hand made and fresh. They're suitable for all sorts of different skin types and well...just look at them, they are so pretty and so cheap! 


"All products are all handmade using quality soap bases, oils, butters and colourings. At The Bath Boutique, we know every ingredient that goes into each soap.  Each soap is presented beautifully which makes them ideal gifts for friends and family or for you to enjoy yourself."

So far she has a few soaps on her website - Vanilla and Chocolate Crumble, Lemon Zest and Raspberry Ripple. They all look gorgeous and good enough to eat (although hahah I wouldn't recommend eating soap!) and they are all priced at £3. I think these are fab for presents or even to buy for yourself, what a nice little treat!

If this post can get Emily just one sale I will be happy, she deserves it!

Chocolate & Vanilla Crumble - £3
Lemon Zest - £3
Raspberry Ripple - £3

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  1. I'll definitely have to check out these soaps they seem so yummy! (In a non edible way!) Hope your friend goes far in her business! x

  2. Chocolate & Vanilla crumble sounds seriously yummy! :) xo


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