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I'm not going to have the internet for a few days so I'm doing an extra post today! I recently invested in Max Factor's Colour Adapt Foundation. I'd never ever tried a Max Factor foundation ever in my life, but I'd heard great things, especially regarding the coverage. I like a thick coverage because I think I have yucky skin and recently the foundations I've bought have been significantly lacking. 

I bought the foundation in #40 Creamy Ivory. This was the lightest of the shades and in the store looked a little yellowy, but I thought HEY LET'S GIVE IT A GO. 

From the Max Factor website: 

Don’t Mask Your True Colours. Match them.
Your skin isn’t the same colour all over so why use a foundation that is? Colour Adapt flatters and works with every shade of your face to create the most natural looking base ever. The secret? Clever colour adapting particles pick up and reflect the different pigments in your complexion to give a totally sheer look without masking your skin’s true radiance. skin has no radiance so any added radiance I thought would be a plus!! 

The product itself is packaged brilliantly. Plain and simple, just what you want, sophisticated even. It has a little push top to dispense the foundation too which is always a great help.

The foundation comes out nicely. It's a lovely creamy texture which on my skin lightens when rubbed in. When on my face the foundation makes my skin look flawless. It is a very high coverage foundation and even now after 3 hours of wearing it I can still feeling how thick the foundation is on my face. I personally like this, but I know a lot of girls don't. It's a very matte foundation too, and I really like it. 

Here's a picture of my face with only the foundation on (don't laugh - I look like a mong without full makeup). I personally really like it and how thick it is. Lovely.

Brilliant product and would recommend to anyone! 

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