Sorry! I've had no internet!!

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Handed in my essay! / Back to Uni :( / Mini haul! / Sid having sex with a rock...oo-er / New suitcase! / Hair's getting lighter / Night in with the dog / New Motel jeans / Cheeky takeaway

Apologies for lack of posting and also apologies to those who I've promised to send things to this week! My internet went off on Monday night to get changed to Sky but it didn't come back properly until this morning and we are still having problems with it - so I'm behind and going to be behind on a lot of things/blogging/sending stuff out/emailing for the next week or so! I'll try to get on top of things but it's a pain the ass when my internet keeps going off every 10 seconds!! 

I've also been super busy this week with a few essay deadlines and such. Also today is the 3rd anniversary of my friend's suicide so I've been a bit on edge all day and have refused to go into Uni. Blah. 

Anyways, I'll sort myself out and get myself organised as soon as possible!

Hope you're all good x

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  1. genial post, me encanta tu blog, que arte tienes chica.
    te sigo desde ya, espero verte pronto
    besicos guapetona.


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