NEXT Festive Shop Window Blogger Challenge!

On Friday I received an email from the lovely Sherin at Greenlight informing me that there is a blogger competition on at, so I instantly jumped at the chance to get myself involved.

All details are on the above website, but this is a competition run by Jess to design a store window for Next and the winner will receive a £500 gift card! It's all judged by Jess too, so it's a fellow blogger who get's their say in your designs! 

So here is mine:

I decided on red and green dresses because I feel they are the most festive colours, and I think these sorts of dresses are extremely stylish and beautiful - they would look gorgeous if you were going to a Christmas party! I chose plain black high heeled shoes and the glittery silver shoes because they can both be worn with either of the dresses and look lovely! Then I added a few pieces of silver jewellery, which compliment the dresses well. 

Lipsy VIP Embellished Shoulder Dip Back Hem Dress

Lipsy VIP Heavily Embellished Shoulder Dress

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  1. Ooo, sounds exciting! Super glam outfits! xo

  2. Good luck!

    Now following, would be great to follow each other :)



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