My Auntie's Wedding!

Sorry that I don't have a lot to write right now, things are a bit hectic! But I thought I'd show you a few of the photographs from my Auntie's wedding this morning! I took all of these on my new Canon (I was official photographer!) and I hope you like them! These are lower quality photos because Blogger just wasn't letting me upload the proper ones sob sob x

So yeah there's obviously like a million more but I thought I'd show a few. If you fancy seeing anymore you can add me on FACEBOOK - but even if you don't want to see more haha add me on FACEBOOK anyways!



  1. you look beautiful! glad you had a lovely day :) xx

  2. It looks like you had a gorgeous day! The photos are wonderful :)x

  3. You look lovely! Love the jumping photo outside "The Entrance", haha. xo

  4. You look very stunning in those photos. Very pretty dress and I LOVE those tights!!! Looks like a fun wedding. Hope you had a good time!!!


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