Canon EOS 7D (whoo hoo)

I FINALLY received my FREE Canon EOS 7D today! Well, I say free. But actually it's ended up costing me £100 in extras which I am abit annoyed about (especially because as you all know - I have no money!). 

The camera came without a bloody lens so I had to run round town trying to find a cheap, standard lens for it. Nowhere in my town stocked the lens I wanted, so I had to go to Burnley which is a good 30 miles from where I live to get the lens and it ended up costing me like £70. And then I got it home and realised the memory card you need for it isn't a standard SD card, by the time I'd realised this all the shops had closed so I've had to order one online. I am very upset haha, as you can imagine I just wanted to come home and get snap happy! 

But no. 

I've ended up running around like a headless chicken and ordering extra parts just so I can take a few photos. Hopefully it will all be worth it. And I hope that my memory card comes before Wednesday as it's my Aunties wedding and I was meant to be photographing it. Oh bloody hell. Rant over. Hope you are all well x 

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  1. Nice camera girl! But understand about add ons, such a hassle!


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  3. A free 7d?! Howwwww I want one! haha :) xx

  4. Even after all the crazy running round I bet it will be worth it :) hope you enjoy your new camera - lucky!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing some pics from it!
    £100 for a 7D is a BARGAIN though :) x

  6. How did you get this for free, whaaat? Haha. You're gonna love it! xo

  7. You got the camera for free :-0 £100 is bargainous on something that costs a grand!!!! I'm jealous!


  8. congrats! nice post and great blog

  9. lucky thing, can't wait to see some photos from it, i'm sure it'll all be worth it! i'll be watching this spot!

    katie x x x x

  10. Canon- the best camera ;-)Lovely blog. What about following each other?

  11. What a beaut of a camera! I love my EOS not as snazzy as this one though!! X

  12. Aw no what a pain! It'll be worth it though when you have all these beautiful photos! xxx


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