A Day Of Cheering Myself Up!

So today I've been feeling abit down, so I thought I'd cheer myself up by putting on the most makeup I possibly could, eyelashes and all and pranced around my house with my camera. 

I managed to cheer myself up by perfecting my eyebrows (for once I am happy with them!)

Face full of makeup! 

And then I changed all the settings on my camera and went crazy messing with the shutterspeed so I thought I'd show you a few of my faves.

Ahh vanity!! 

I also made some cookies which was fun! 

So now I'm feeling a lot  happier! Hows your day been lovelies?! x



  1. You look so pretty! Don't be down only 5 days till Christmas!

  2. you look so pretty, love your hair <3 Glad your feeling better! x

  3. Those cookies look yum! This is something I would do on a down day aha, hope you feel better :) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.


    Amy xx

  4. Glad you're feeling happier now, I like doing stuff like this when I'm feeling down too! :) xo

  5. Great to hear that you're lot more happier! I love doing something that can always cheer me up,most of the time I found myself happy while listening to music:) You look so stunning!And I have to say that your eyebrows look awesome,good job!

    Following you now love,hope you can check out my blog,
    hope you have a great weekend,


  6. Awwww. Your eyebrows are perfect! I can't do anything to myself, I have to have mine done - which sucks. You look really pretty,and your cokies are so cute!

    I'm glad your feeling better now:)

    Lots of love, Catherine xxx


  7. Such a perfect way to cheer yourself up!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  8. its not vanity when youre as stunning as you are!!! love your blog, newest follower- jade xxx



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