Small Primark Haul

Oooh I love a cheeky Primark shop! I didn't get too much this time, I've realised that I can't keep spending money the way I have been. I definitely need to go on some sort of spending ban because it's just ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea where I am going to put these new clothes. Never mind! You can never have too many clothes! 

I am absolutely in love with these collared crop shirts, both are gorgeous and are so easy to wear with pretty much everything! And I really couldn't say no to the love heart skirt, it's insanely cute. I need to stop buying things just because they are cute. 

On another, slightly more depressing note. My BRAND SPANKING NEW £400 laptop has broken, two weeks after I purchased it. So once again I am lacking in a laptop whilst it goes off to get fixed. So posts will once again be less regular but I'll be trying to get at least one or two posts out every week on my Mum's laptop until mine returns to me. Sob sob sob.



  1. All of of these look so sweet! I bought a daisy collared crop top the other week and love it :-)

    Meg ♡

  2. everything you have bought is super duper adorable, i love the collars! xx

  3. the skirt is so cute:)

  4. i love collared shirts! so girly and adorable!

  5. The skirt is ADORABLE! :)

  6. I bought the black and white collar shirt! It's so cute! Great haul xx

    Olivia | Thoughts, fashion and beauty.

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  8. Great buys.

  9. I bought the polka dot shirt a week or so ago, it's so cute!
    My sister has the black collared shirt, which I'll no doubt borrow haha x

  10. I love all the collared shirts and disney styled things Primark are doing recently!

  11. I love this post! Definitely my favorite red this week! I'm just starting out!
    Please take a look if you have time
    Much love
    Fiona xo

  12. Cool post ! Thanks for, posting on my blog man. I shall message you again! I didnt know that.
    jeux de fille

  13. Hi Jane :),
    thank you for following my blog.I'm following you,too.I tried some months ago to go to your blog,but I couldn't.
    Maybe now it'll be easier to follow you,because as I read you have a new computer.Tha't nice.I wish you good posting :)...
    By the way,the skirt with the hearts is so beyond lovely :)!

  14. I love the skirt!! Amazing all mini inspired! Cute.

  15. Omg this is all so adorable! I'm sensing a little Primark trip soon, haha :-) I really hope your laptop gets well soon. I know too well how stressful it is going from having a laptop all the time to being completely laptop-less. Great post!

    - xoxo


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