Max Factor FaceFinity Foundation


Oh god, I cannot contain my excitement. I have finally found my holy grail foundation, and I want to shout my love for it from the top of the highest building! I've been flirting with different foundations for a while but I've never truly found the one. I got pretty close with Max Factors Whipped Creme Foundation but when I finally finished the bottle, I wanted to try something new. That's when I picked up Max Factors FaceFinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation (what a mouth full!)

Max Factor claims that this foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer and has the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20. This means that this foundation basically does everything you need and want it to without the hassle of going out and buying primer and a matching concealer. 

The foundation comes in a lovely, sleek 30ml bottle which has a handy but standard pump at the top to dispense the product. It's the perfect size for sticking in your makeup bag or travel bag! I chose the shade 40 Light Ivory, because we all know that I am paler than Caspar The Friendly Ghost. This is pretty much my perfect shade and probably the closest that a foundation has ever come to my actual skintone! (see photo below for evidence!) 

The overall coverage is between medium to high, depending on how much of the product you use. It's really great at covering those dark circles I've acquired under my eyes (due to Uni work and working all the bloody time at Waterstones!) I don't have to use any concealer at all which is super handy and means it takes a lot less time in a morning to get ready. A quite surprising but fantastic fact about this foundation is that when applied and dried it is completely matte! I love a good matte foundation as I think it provides the perfect base for other makeup so I was so happy when I saw the finish on my face. It doesn't make my skin dry or cakey, it just makes my skin look so good and so flawless. 

Another amazing thing about FaceFinity is that my foundation stays in place for 7+ hours without the use of a setting powder. It didn't clog my pours, or melt off after a few hours, it didn't become caky or dry my skin out. All it did was make my face look as good as it could! It really does exactly what it says on the packaging and it does help your skin stay flawless all day! 

If you fancy giving this foundation a try you can buy it from all good drugstores for £9.99 ALTHOUGH saying that I noticed when I went into Superdrug a few days ago that this is now on offer and is only £7.99 - so bag a bargain whilst you can! 
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  1. I love love love this stuff too!

    Been using it for a while......nothing comes close :)

    I'm off to Superdrug!!!

  2. Reeaaaallly tempted to try this now, I've been using Maybelline dream satin liquid for years and too scared to change aha!


  3. Such a great post! I've been ever so tempted to try this and I think I might just have to after reading this :-) so thank you, haha.

    - xoxo

  4. I'm really pale too so I'll have to try this when my current foundation runs out, it looks and sounds lovely :) xx

  5. I am always swapping and changing between different foundations, so I think this is the one I will be approaching next! I am always looking for a matte finish too, which results in me using too much face powder (oops).

    Jess xx

  6. amazing foundation,I have been using this thing as well:))

  7. It is a brilliant foundation! Haven't needed to try another one as this is (for me) the perfect foundation!
    - Linsey x

  8. I've never even considered this foundation but your review has swayed me so much! x

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  10. I've seen everybody rave about this,but this made my oily skin look dry and flaky.Humph

  11. My friend has this and she always raves about it, I think its worth a try.


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