Shopping Addiction?!


There is no doubt in my mind that now I am working my spending habbits are becoming...well a bit erratic. I can't even pass town without thinking "oh I need to buy a new shirt" or "oh I'm going out on Friday so I need a new lippie" - not want, but need. This isn't even everything I've bought this week, I'm still waiting for a package from which has my gorgeous new coat and a Sailor Moon vest in it. I hope it comes tomorrow, I really do. 

I bought the polka dot shirt from New Look for £14.99. I'm becoming a bit polka dot obsessed, I guess there are worst things you could be addicted to! I'm planning on wearing this shirt on Saturday night when I go to see The Heartbreaks in Manchester. I specifically bought this shirt because it's very similar to the shirt that the lead singer of The Heartbreaks is wearing in their new music video (check it out here) expect that mine's black and his is white. I thought about getting the white one but it would be a see-through disaster in a dark room with lights so I'm being practical. 

Whilst at New Look I also picked up a pair of Super Soft, Super Skinny jeans. These jeans are gorgeous and something that I've been looking for for such a long time! They are a lovely colour and they fit perfectly. Plus, I fit in a size 8 which is great and makes me feel like a skinny minnie. Usually I find it hard to squeeze my bum into a size 10-12. I've definitely lost some weight now that I'm no longer on the pill (TMI I know - but it just shows the effect it can have on your body! By the way, I came off of it because of the effects it was having on my mental health, my relationship is still wonderful and fantastic and full of love.) 

Lastly I ordered the "You Can't Sit With Us" t-shirt on EBAY for £6.99. I bought it as a joke, because sometimes (or all the time) when I am drunk and with my friends, people we don't like sit with us and we all get like "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US" because we think we are from Mean Girls and I don't have to say it, people can just read my...chest. 
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  1. I really like new look come the summer months,
    They have a luuush pink jumper in there at the minute.
    I love this polka dot blouse!

    Kelly from Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  2. Love all of these items, especially the mean girls shirt!

  3. The 'You cant sit with us' shirt is great, I need one.

  4. The Mean Girls tee is A+. Love it. I really want one for myself, now! Might have to do it myself.
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  5. I am loving the Mean Girls tee!

    Jamie x

  6. Haha I also got the Mean Girls tee in white, such a good purchase! And don't worry - there are worse addictions, right?! Or so I tell myself...xx
    The perks of being a hipster - Victoria’s Secrets Giveaway!

  7. Love the jeans! & I also got the Mean Girls t-shirt but in black and white instead, haha! I love it. Great post lovely :-)

    - xoxo


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