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So as you know, my lovely wonderful friend Emily is the owner of The Bath Boutique and she makes gorgeous hand made soaps and bath bombs for super cheap prices. You can read some of my other posts on The Bath Boutique here & here. Well yesterday whilst I was around at her house she gave me a few cheeky samples!

I thought I'd start with my favourite soap that she let me have - the Space Rock Soap. This is an absolutely gorgeous blue and pink soap with glitter on the top. It smells absolutely divine (as do all of The Bath Boutique's soaps) and it makes your skin feel super smooth afterwards. Plus, the added glitter makes the soap feel really girly! 

As with all of The Bath Boutique's products it has been made with all natural ingredients, and though I've said it before all of the soaps I've used remind me of Lush products (but better and cheaper!) 

If you love soap, then this is the website for you! All of their products are priced around £1-£2 which is such amazing value for money and I really recommend you go and have a look! I also recommend you follow The Bath Boutique on Twitter, as Emily constantly has competitions and stuff on to win her soaps, and you can get updates on new products from there too!

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  1. I love this, it looks very similar to a Lush product but for a much better price. I'll have to have a look at her shop!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Just had a look and the pink sherbert one looks amazing! Might have to get it or the tea tree one can imagine it smelling great!

    Beyond Bally.

  3. this looks so nice, good prices aswell, definitely be checking the website xxx

  4. Now all I need is a bathtub... -_- SUPER JELLY!!! I just love anything bath related. I need to make a stash and then use them up once I get a bathtub c:

    Ada | thespianxx

  5. It even looks like it smells great! Mmm :) I love soap so ill definitely be checking them out!!xx

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment! I've just started following you back :) x


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