Impress - Press On Manicure


Broadway's Impress Press On Manicure is meant to be a revolutionary new way of applying false nails. They come in loads of different designs and colours, here I am using a set of nude coloured falsies in the length "short".

These nails are great because they are no fuss, none sticky, easy manicure nails. They have a little plastic backing on them which you pull off to reveal the adhesive, which you then just pop onto your nail and yippee - lovely new nails! There's no glue to mess about with and the nails literally go on in seconds. The nails themselves are absolutely gorgeous too, shiny and pre-polished, completely ready for use!

They are also easy to take off...but in this case they are far too easy. These nails for me lasted about 20 seconds, as soon as I started to move my fingers or pick my phone up they fell off. One by one. Which is annoying when the product boasts that they will stay on with just the adhesive. If you are going to buy these nails you probably will need to buy some glue as well, just in case they fall off and you can't get them back on again. To be honest, it's a little disappointing. I expected more from these nails, I expected them to do what they said they would do - but they didn't, and they should not be boasting "no glue needed" when it definitely is needed.

Oh well, at least they're pretty to look at.

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  1. i tried these once and liked them , but alas with my job, nice nails just get ruined x

  2. Shame they didn't work for you Hun. I've heard really mixed reviews on these nails, one of my mates swears by them & they last ages on her & another friends just fall of in a matter of minutes, odd.
    Love your new layout design too Hun.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xox

  3. I've tried these before and they just don't seem to work for me either :/ shame though because I really do like them!

    Love your blog and am following you now,
    Please maybe check out and follow mine:)

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like your proposal manicure. Keep in touch

  5. Its a shame you didn't get on with them, I have heard great things about them (although I have not tried them myself yet!) x

  6. These look lovely, so natural too! Shame they didn't last though

    Sarah xx

  7. Oh I'm sorry that they kept falling off. They look super nice, and totally natural though!

    fashion and tea

  8. I hate any stick-on nail polish, or fake nails. I find the quality to be so poor, no matter how amazing the product may seem.

    my beauty blog

  9. I didn't find these too bad to be honest! They didn't last nearly the promised 10 days, but definitely a few!

    Lisa xo

  10. I still haven't got round to trying these what with working non-stop! Pfft. Its such a shame they didn't work for you, they look ever so pretty. I may buy myself some nail glue just so I'm prepared, throw caution to the wind, stick them on and hope for the best!
    Speak soon Mrs

  11. These look lovely! Such a shame they didn't last :( xxx


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