Mercedes-Benz Fashion Opportunity

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Here's a super exciting opportunity for you all! Today I was contacted by Ally from Mercedes-Benz regarding a "Social Reporter Campaign". 

Here's what they said: "Submit an entry that represents your summer look of 2013 for the chance to win access to an exclusive fashion event with Mercedes-Benz. You will be mingling with celebrities and VIP’s and report your experience back via social media. Activities include interviewing Tanya Burr over lunch and attending a fashion party and events. Round trip travel to London, accommodation and a personal chauffeur are included. So decide your look – is it what you wore to a festival, how you styled your favourite summer trend or a selfie of you looking summery and upload to the Social Reporter site. Enter before the 28th August." 

So in basic terms Mercedes-Benz are running a competition to find the summer look of 2013 and to enter all you have to do is send them a photo/blog post/tweet to win an amazing fashion experience which includes attending shows, lunching with top bloggers and attending an exclusive fashion event! Your look can be anything as long as it sums up your summer, it can be about makeup, beauty or fashion and can be entered here. It's really as simple as that. 

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