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1. I love Majorca, miss it so much / 2. My beautiful boy / 3. Don't ride a horse, ride a cowboy / 4. Cheeky selfie / 5. No laptop, bored, these are my feet / 6. OOTD for IJ's birthday / 7. Laptop surgery. I broke my laptop sob sob sob / 8. New book / 9. New laptop!

This last month has been one heck of a month, and I really cannot believe it's August already! How quickly is this year going? It's freaking me out. I'm going to be 22 in less than 3 months, can you actually believe that? I can't. Here are just a few snaps from the last few days. Nothing too exciting really. I broke my laptop the day I came home off my holiday, I was uploading all my photos and BAM, it died, and wouldn't come back on. I lost 50% of all my holiday photos which was the thing that most upset me. Thankfully my Dad is a computer genius and built me a brand new laptop, it's made from two other laptops and it's basically the Goliath of the laptop world! It's such with a ridiculous amount of memory and space in it, and oh god, I cannot wait to fill it up with all my girly crap and photographs!!

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for visiting my blog:) Follow you dear;)

  2. your so pretty :) I love your blog, definitely got a new follower

    Id love for you to check out my blog :)

  3. awesome pictures, love that cut-out b&w dress, you look great <3

  4. mallorca is definitely a beautiful place:) i've been there twice and want to go again!!:)

    lots of love x

  5. JANEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I miss you lovely. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch in absolutely ages- my phone is broken and I've been working super hard and haven't be on my blog properly in too long. Not cool! Do you have any idea when you may be free for a Preston day Mrs?
    Also, how sad that you lost half of your holiday photos :( it's the worst when things like that happen isn't it?! I would love to see the other half that are still around mind you so please do bring them when I see you next, you can make me even more jealous than I already am!
    Lot of love xxxxxxxxx

  6. I'm turning 22 in just a few weeks too and it's terrifying! Every year just seems to get even scarier than the last, I swear. Your hair looks really lovely in the plait btw x

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  7. you're so pretty!! love the braid :)

  8. Very nice photos! You are gorgeous! :)

  9. Lovely pics :)
    Follow me via GFC and Bloglovin', let me know that you did that and I follow you back! Kiss xx ♥
    IEVA | AVEILT blog

  10. you are beautiful, girl!
    I love those pictures so much!
    and I fell in love with ypur blog!

    Kejmy ♥.

  11. I love your blog! following

    Charlotte xo


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