Beauty Things I Suck At!


I really love reading these sorts of posts, and it makes me feel less alone in the world of beauty blogging. Honestly, I stalk so many girls on here who are absolutely gorgeous and have amazing fashion senses, and I just think "you don't have any flaws" and then I see their posts like this and think "oh wow, they're just completely normal" and it makes me feel so much better about myself! So for all those girls who are slightly ashamed to say they don't have a skin routine or shave their legs - this ones for you!

Beauty Things I Suck At:

Shaving my legs - I am seriously awful at this, especially in the winter months. I just don't see the point, I need my legs to be warm when it's cold! It just takes so much time and effort, and even when I do shave I never get every single hair, there's always one or two annoying ones just sticking out and I think WHAT IS THE POINT! I've found it very hard these last few weeks whilst it's been roasting in England because I've had to have a leg shave every few days so I can get them out but ah I hate it so much. I wish it were more socially acceptable to look like a monkey but alas, no.

Getting dressed - No not getting dressed up, getting dressed in general. If I know that I am not going to leave the house that day I will literally stay in my pjs ALL day. This is pure laziness on my part and it's one of the reasons that I don't do ootd's regularly - because I am never not in my pjs. 

Moisturising - As a girl, I know the importance of having some form of skin routine, but that doesn't make a single difference to me. I very rarely moisturise, unless I'm using a gradual tanner. It's just not something I make time for in my life and I know you really should because it's great for your skin and it makes you feel super soft but really...who am I trying to impress? 

Wearing make-up every day - I am not the sort of person that wears make-up all the time. I will wear it if I'm going to Uni or going out on a night out, but if I'm staying in or I'm nipping to the shop or whatever, I won't wear it. I'm so lazy, and it is a lot off messing about putting on a full face of make-up. Literally on a good lazy day I will probably draw my eyebrows on, but that's about it - I get a lot of complaints from Kieron about this "why aren't you making an effort/why do you wear make-up when you're out but not for me", honestly, anyone would think he thinks I'm dog ugly (thankfully I know he doesn't and he loves me just the way I am haha) 

Brushing my hair - Once again, if I have nothing planned my hair won't get brushed for days. I actually prefer my hair unbrushed, for some reason it seems longer and thicker. So maybe not brushing it actually is a bit of a vanity thing?!

French Plait - I. just. cannot. do. it. It's so hard. I can plait my hair absolutely fine, but god help me if I have to do something nice and proper with it. It's just too fiddly and messy and annoying and I hate it.

Plucking my eyebrows - I'm not even ashamed to say this, but I am guilty of being so lazy that sometimes I shave off the stray hairs. Plucking is such a long and tedious process, and having to sit down and endure all that pain for no reason just seems ridiculous to me. I do, do it every so often, but I've started to like my eyebrows being a bit thicker so I generally don't pluck them at all now. I'm really bad at it too, I make an absolute mess and neither brows come out the same. 

Getting my hair cut and styled - This is basically a never do for me. I haven't been to the hair dresser in months, maybe over a year. I hate it, I don't see the point of letting my hair grow to have it all cut off again. Dead ends can be sorted at home people! I hate sitting in the hairdressers chair and allowing someone free roam on my head, it freaks me out, they could be doing anything up there. They could be making a mess of it (and trust me, they have in the past) and you just have to let them because they are the pros and they know better than you. Well no thank you. 

What beauty things do you suck at?

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  1. lol you are hilarious, and I bet 90% of girls are guilty of most of these things as well whether they admit it or not. Although I'm good with my skincare routine, if I'm not leaving the house there's no way I'm getting dressed, brushing my hair or wearing makeup either- why o why would anyone get dressed up to sit in their house? It makes no sense haha. I'm the same with my eyebrows too I can go for months without touching them, I overplucked them so much as a teenager they don't grow back much now anyway lol x

  2. Oh my god I literally just went down this list and nodded my head at every single one of these, haha! Especially the eyebrows, i'm so awful, I just usually let them get to an atrocious stage and then get them threaded for a tenner, lazy girl problems ;-)


  3. I agreed with pretty much all of this idea for a post!

    Jodie Marie | à la Jode

  4. Aha I think this is a list of things were all bad at! I hate shaving my legs too, luckily I have blonde hairs but I just hope that people don't get so close that they can tell, I'm a pj person as well, as soon as I get home from anywhere the pjs go on :)
    Rosalie x

  5. Hi! Thank you for following my blog! This post was so interesting to read, I have so many beauty fails (falling asleep with my make-up still on after a night out is my worst downfall).I have followed back <3 I hope you have an awesome day and thanks again!


    x x x

  6. Great post, so funny! Thanks for following me, I followed you back :)


  7. Don't worry, I don't wear makeup ALL the time either (:
    Only on super special occasions because it's a pain to take it off!
    I don't see why people would want to pluck their eyebrows! Sounds incredibly painful to me!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  8. This is a really good idea for a post. Nice to know im not the only one out there!!

    Lisa xo

  9. SHAVING MY LEGS!! I'm pretty much the exact same thing as what you posted. And I can't treat razor burn for the life of me. I've given up on my thighs.

    my beauty blog

  10. This post is brilliant! I can never be bothered to shave my legs in winter either, and I always forget to brush my hair properly :p xx

  11. agree with pretty much all of the above, you're not alone haha

  12. followed you on bloglovin', love this post haha xo xo


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