Teapigs - Super Fruit!


Due to the fact that I am deathly allergic to caffeine, I'm always trying to find some sort of replacement for my tea cravings. I've tried herbal teas before but the taste of them has always been too wishy-washy for me, half of the time it's just like drinking hot water - not nice. So when on Friday my Mum asked whether I wanted to top up my fruit/herbal tea collection I wasn't very excited. That is until we found Teapigs. 

I'd heard about Teapigs before, convinced that I'd read great reviews about these teas on various other blogs I picked up a caffeine free tea called Super Fruit, which claims it is bursting with actual berries which gives a really fruity taste. 

When I got home I made myself a brew. The first thing I noticed is that the tea is packaged in an almost silk like bag, such a lovely effect. Inside you can see that the tea is a loose tea, with actual pieces of berries and fruit in there, no typical tea powders in sight! It also smelt delicious! 

The packet recommends leaving the tea to brew in the cup for 3 minutes. I am not a patient person, but chose to follow the guidelines (in fact I actually just left the bag in whilst I drank it because I like my tea to be extra strong). 

This tea is absolutely gorgeous, and actually has a real taste to it. It's so delicious and refreshing and has really made me love fruit/herbal teas again. I know that I will purchase this tea again, and probably some more types from the Teapigs range as I was just so impressed!  

These teas are retailing at £5 in Tesco and Asda, but you can buy online here for slightly cheaper.

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  1. Ooooh that looks lovely! I love green tea and peppermint tea and all the lemony type ones; I love trying out new flavours! Will definitely be giving these a go! Thank you.

    Emilie x

  2. Yummy! Must be a drag being allergic to caffeine, I agree with you that most fruit or herbal teas taste too watery, xoxo.

  3. I couldn't agree more :-) I love the mint and liquorice teapigs. Gorgeous :-)


  4. I literally bought some of these today! They're delicious x

    petitpromise.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  5. Teapigs are just amazing! My cupboard is pretty much a Teapigs warehouse!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I always leave my tea bag in for extra flavour, my favourite is peppermint and liquorice. Sounds like a weird combination but it's absolutely gorgeous, so yummy!

    Beyond Bally.

  7. I absolutely LOVE tea! That brand looks delish =D I want to try now!

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  8. Once you try teapigs you'll never go back, it is real tea, I am obsessed with it!

    I love the packaging and everything :)
    Love Em x


  9. The color of that tea is so beautiful! Lovely photos ;) and I am quite a fan of tea so I'll have to find this brand! Looks yummy!


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  11. THis tea looks amazing! I have got to try it. The color is beautiful<3

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  13. I love tea and berries, this seems great. Will definitely keep an eye out for these, the 'real fruit taste' is definitely a plus for me x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

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  15. I am obsessed with Teapigs! Such tasty tea, and you know that it's made of REAL ingredients not a bunch of processed crap. xx

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  16. This looks yummy! I'm sucha tea junkie I'll betrying some of that!

  17. I absolutely LOVE teapigs, I think Ive tried nearly every flavour. Im slightly addicted to green tea. I love their mint flavour as well :) xxx

  18. THIS TEAAA!!! I love it, always get it in starbucks or whenever I go to Cornwall :')

  19. THIS TEAAA!!! I love it, always get it in starbucks or whenever I go to Cornwall :')


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