Vita Liberata - Moment By Moment - Fake Tan Review


Whilst at the FABB blogger event, I received a goodie bag from the lovely people at Vita Liberata which contained this fake tan in shade "light" and a tanning mitt. I, being super pale (whiter than white, Casper the friendly ghost) was super excited about getting this home and trying it out! 

This tan is called Moment By Moment which is a fake tan that starts to develop after 30 minutes and keeps developing for 3 hours. It uses innovative, rapid technology which allows you to pretty much chose the shade you want to be, when it's got as dark as you want it, you just wash it off. The tanner promises: non-toxic and organic,  no streaking and no smell, 100% free from parabens, perfume and alcohol, easy application, a unique moisture-lock complex and 80% organic extracts that are kind to skin and produce a natural fade (eventually!).

My first thoughts were that I really liked how this product is packaged. I found that the outer boxing was lovely to look at, showing a girl in a bikini boasting a gorgeous tan. All of the instructions were clearly stated on the box and the whole product looks really professional. The bottle is cute too, a nice golden brown colour with a push down dispenser on the top. Looks wise, it's definitely a product I like to show off in my room as it just looks so expensive and professional.

Sorry the above photo is a bit blurry - stupid camera. Once dispensed the product comes out as a dark browny, red mousse. It's quite thin and very, very messy. It literally gets everywhere. My bed sheets are no longer white, and this is only from the application stage! It is however very easy to apply especially for a fake tan novice like myself, and I found that large circling motions stopped the tan from looking dirty in places. 

I did this stage twice. The first time, I left the tan on for an hour, as the base colour is extremely dark I was worried leaving it on for much longer would make me orange. But alas, once I came out of the shower I realised it had made absolutely no difference to the colour of my skin. No tan lines or anything. To be honest, I was a bit gutted, but decided to try again the next day just incase I had done something wrong. 

The second time I did it, I left the tanner on for the whole three hours and let me tell you, it was a sticky uncomfortable 3 hours. And I was excited to see the results by the end of it. I jumped into the shower and came out...still very, very pale. Not quite Casper the friendly ghost white, but not far off. Under the light I have a slight glow but nothing obvious, and nothing that looks even remotely like a tan. I was and still am gutted. 

I really wanted to like this tan, I mean really, really wanted to like it. I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually as pale as I think I am. Maybe I need to re-buy in medium? 

On one hand this tan was great, it had no horrible smell and it was easy to apply, but the colour just wasn't right for me which is annoying after 3 hours of waiting around for it to develop. When you buy fake tan, you expect it to at least give you some sort of tan, even if it's just a slight colour, but I feel I haven't got this from this tanner.

Have you tried any Vita Liberata products before? What did you think? Do you think I need to re-invest in this tan but in medium?

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  1. Hey, nice Blog, you've got beautiful hair :)
    I'll follow you :)

  2. I have tried this twice now and had the same results. ... which is nothing. .. it was expensive and does not seem to work at all . I wonder if they will give me a refund if I complain?

    1. I've been thinking the same thing, I just don't understand why it doesn't work and honestly if I'd paid for this I definitely would ask for my money back.


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