Blog URL & Name Change!

After much deliberation, and I'm talking serious thinking time, I have made the decision to change my blog name and url from poptartsandsexx to poptartsbeauty. You can now find me at - I'm still exactly the same site, I just wanted the name of my blog to reflect the content and although I've been poptartsandsexx on every single social network site ever, I feel the name has stopped me from a lot of things on here, most importantly working with brands and companies. I want this blog to reflect a more professional (but still fun) nature and though it effects none of you I thought I'd just write a quick blog post to say HEY NOTHINGS CHANGED :) 

BUT PLEASE PLEASE go and re-follow me on bloglovin, changing my URL has deleted all my followers so if you still want updates from this blog then please follow xx

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  1. We'll follow you on blog lovin'!


    Our Blog Lovin'!

  2. I was also thinking about changing my blog's url. I looked at bloglovin support and it says if you change your blog address you can move over the followers from your old blog by filling out a form and sending it to them. I'm not sure if this will actually work out, but it may be worth a try!

  3. awh Jane! I love the new name!
    It suits you much more!!

    Stefy ♡ | UK Beauty + Fashion Blog
    TWEET ME! @stefpuglisevich


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