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Whey! I got my first ever high branded foundation! YEY FOR NARS! Whilst searching through Ebay for a bargain I found NARS Firming Foundation for £10. So yeah, okay, I didn't pay full price or get it from the official website and yeah, I'm pretty sure this range has been discontinued (although correct me if I'm wrong) BUT it's still a nicer quality foundation than I've been using in the past. AND IT'S NARS!

"This high-technology firming foundation is infused with the exclusive polypeptide firming complex and antioxidants. A combination of varying chain length peptides, brown algae, organic gotu kola, boswellia and the anti-aging patented gatuline RP with vitamin C combine to help strengthen skin and reduce the look of skin creases associated with ageing  Vitamin C and vitamin E help provide antioxidant protection against radical damage. Skin feels significantly firmer and visibly lifted after 8 weeks. Provides medium to full coverage and a lasting natural finish. Formulated with natural pigments. Synthetic fragrance free"

So although I have no problems with my skin I thought that all the amazing ingredients would be beneficial to my face in comparison to the cheaper drugstore makeup I've been wearing recently.  

There weren't a lot of options on Ebay for shades so I settled with the lightest shade available - Deauvile. Deauvile is described as being a nice mix of yellow and pink tones to create a more natural skin colour. I was a bit weary of this before I ordered it because I have no idea what sort of tone my skin is. Some days it's yellow-y, and some days it's more pink which makes it hard for me to find a foundation to fit my complexion. But when this arrived and I tried it on, I must say, it was absolutely perfect. It's the exact colour of my skin and nothing has ever looked so good before. So needless to say, I was excited. 

Directions For Use: Start by warming the foundation in the hands. Then, working with the fingers, apply a small amount of foundation in the centre of the face and begin pressing the foundation into the skin. Repeat steps where needed for a smooth finish.

Honestly, I thought it was SO cute that it came with a little instruction booklet. I think it's great for people who are new to foundation and those who need a little bit of extra help. 

The packaging is lovely and exactly what you'd expect for a higher end brand. It came in a matte black box and the matte black theme continues when you take the bottle out. It's simple and it's sleek and it looks so nice. It actually looks out of place next to my other foundations! It amazingly comes with it's own little pump to dispense the foundation, which I loved because I know a lot of the time you have to buy the pump separately. 

Once applied the foundation sits on your face like a second skin. Only flawless. It's light and airy and doesn't seem to clog my pours or produce any dry, flakey areas. It's such a nice matte finish, and looks completely natural. As I've only just got this I don't really know whether it's doing anything to firm my face but hey, we'll see in 8 weeks if it's made any difference!

I'm very excited and happy about this foundation, I'm definitely going to save it for when I go on holiday in 17 days! Like a special holiday treat for myself! 

If you fancy getting a hold of this foundation you can find it on Ebay here, it's retailing on there at £10 - £12 depending on which seller you order it from!

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