Barry M - Lash Vegas Mascara


I'd been wanting to try this mascara for a while and was so happy when I got my hands on it! I'm always buying new mascaras because I genuinely feel like my eyelashes are awfully short and well...I want big luscious lashes without having to stick them on. So I had high hopes for a product that promises ooooomph!  

From the Barry M website

New Lash Vegas Mascara features a new spiral shaped brush that has been specifically designed to separate, define and reach the smallest of lashes giving exceptional length and unrivalled definition.

Featuring bristles that work close to the root for ultimate oooomph, this brush promises to give you show-stopping volume!

The mascara comes in a shiny black bottle which looks stylish but is pretty standard for a drug-store mascara. It's also a nice size and you can tell holds a lot of mascara inside. The brush is plastic and like advertised is very spiral-y, for me the brush is just a little too thin - I really like thick mascara brushes because I feel like you can get more mascara from it. 

I was a little disappointed to be honest with this. I don't feel like it did much for the length and volume of my lashes, it was however very good at separating them and I found that I had less clumps which is a good thing because I'm one of those girls who puts so much mascara on that it gets all clumpy and annoying and then I have to pick the mascara off. 

I really wanted this to be the cure for my small lashes, but alas the search continues! This is still a pretty good mascara, just doesn't do what I wanted it to. Sad face.
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  1. I'm normally pretty impressed with Barry M, it's a shame this didn't work out for you.

    Maxine, xx

  2. Have you tried Benefit Bad Gal mascara? I've found that it lengthens, volumizes and separates all at once. I'd really recommend it, but obviously different products work for different people... You can buy the travel sized ones on ebay for a small price, if you were interested :-)

  3. the brush looks a little clogged! I'll definitely be avoiding this one, great post. xx


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