I Went To Watch The Heartbreaks!

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Last night I went to watch The Heartbreaks in Manchester with my boyfriend! I had a really good night and the band was fantastic live (which was to be expected), it was just fantastic!

Awful trout pout whilst waiting for Kieron to come home from Uni
Whilst I was there I noticed some AWFUL fashion disasters, and honestly I couldn't really believe people where allowing themselves to go out in public like that. I think one of the main things about having this blog and following other fashion/beauty blogs is that I've suddenly started to realise what looks good and what looks awful. It's made me very judgemental! Ha. The one that got me the most was a very, very tall girl wearing Disco Pants. I'm talking like, over 6 foot tall. I only noticed because the bitch stood in front of me which stopped me from seeing anything on stage! I looked down and her pants did not fit at all. She was far too tall for them. They finished ABOVE her ankles. And I'm talking a lot before her ankles. I'm talking slightly under the knee. I couldn't get over it! Awful. 

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