I NEED A MAKEOVER – help me! :(


So I need some ideas. I am getting pretty sick to death of looking at myself in the mirror. I have looked pretty much exactly the same for the last few years and I’ve started to hate the way I look and my clothes and my makeup, but I don’t know what would look right on me. I’m having trouble even thinking about another way that I could look, because I’m so used to this horrendous style I’ve currently got. I spend all day, every day starring at photographs of you beautiful bloggers and I just feel like I'm not making use of what I've got to offer.

What I need is a new hairstyle and a new way of doing my makeup. Just something to make me feel happier in myself and … attractive for once. I feel like I’ve pretty much given up with the way I look and it’s starting to stress me out. 

I'm not in any way fishing for compliments. What I need is for someone to say "look I think you'd suit this..." so I need ideas! And since you lot are all fashion and beauty experts – well I’m looking to you guys for advice!

Get me out of this funk! :( sob
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  1. Hey sweet heart
    fisrt off you dont NEED a make over, you are beautiful, theres plenty of girls that would love to look like you, im sure
    the best style you can have is confidence, so wear whatever you feel confident in, work your style around that! confidence is truly the most attractive trait
    as for the fashion style of things why not take yourself off the the shops and take some photos of you in different outfits, try on things you would NEVER pick up usually, post them on here and we'll let you know what suits you best!
    it takes years and years to settle into your own "style" so dont get dowm, it will come :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll do this. x

    2. :)
      look forward to seeing what you try on, and will promise my opinion
      (follow back?)

    3. Thank you! And yes I'm following you now - sorry I thought I already was haha xx

  2. I'm like this all the time. Even more so at the minute.
    I end up usually getting a new piercing though to cure my boredom with my looks.
    Hair is always a good way to go. Whether it be cut or colour or both!
    Don't feel like you need to change for others though! :)

    1. It's not that I feel that I have to change for others, I just feel like every thing I'm wearing is crap and that makes me feel crap and insecure. I was thinking about getting a new piercing but I'm not sure what I want yet! x

    2. It's alright, I know how you feel. I'm in the refusal to even leave the house stage I feel that shit haha.
      I'm looking into getting a medusa, maybe get an ear? Upto you! x

  3. I need a new way of doing my make up too >_<

    Lovely blog
    x0 Chelsea


  4. dye your hair red/copper.
    I went from blonde to copper and it was the best decision of my life. I felt better, my skin tone looked better and the darker colour will suit the seasons right now



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