Fit Me Foundation Review

I made a quick post about this foundation here after I spent all of my trip to Manchester completely lusting. Anyway, I managed to find this bad boy for about £5 in Asda and I snapped it up straight away, complete bargain since I believe it's being sold at around £8 in Boots/Superdrug! 

From The Maybelline Website::



The secret of Fit Me Foundation? Some waxes and fillers can mask your skin colour, Fit Me Foundation has none. Its transluscent gel based formula merges seamlessly with your skin. 
Fit Me Foundation, Concealer and Powder are made to fit together by shade numbers, so finding your shade couldn't be easier. Looks natural, feels so light. SPF 18.


Perfect looking skin starts with a perfect base. Follow these 3 easy steps to flawless, natural looking coverage.
Step 1: Fit Me Foundation unifies the skin tone.
Step 2: Fit Me Concealer corrects the appearance of imperfections.
Step 3: Fit Me Powder matifies and sets for a natural, non-cakey looking finish.

My Opinion:: 

I really do like this foundation aside from the fact that the colour for me is a bit too dark - but that is my own fault and is easily fixed with correct powder! Next time I will go for a shade lighter! Apart from that, it's pretty much perfect. I usually have problems with foundation because of how dry my skin becomes, but this foundation rehydrates my skin and gives a full coverage without feeling too thick. It is much better than most of the foundations I have tried and definitely a massive step up from Dream Matte Mousse. I would say that if you have problems with dry skin, then this product will be perfect for you, especially if you get red skin blotches like I do. Really happy with this!



  1. I've sent away for my free sample can't wait to see what it's like :) Shame you found it too dark, which shade did you go for? I went for the lightest colour cool toned one hopefully it turns out a good match I thought it was a bit difficult to judge on the site. £5 what a bargain, Ill be checking asda x

    1. I went for shade 120 but I've also sent away for a free sample of 115 so hopefully that will be more appropriate. Still I love it! Perfect foundation! x

  2. This sounds really nice, I've not tried any Maybelline foundations before.

  3. see ive just bought this and i think it goes really patchy !!! not too sure on it xx

    1. Have you tried it with a primer? I find all my makeup goes patchy without it :/ xx

  4. Great post!

    Blog followed.

    Hello Cotton:

  5. i get the red patches too and i'm in need of a new foundation so i'll definitely be giving this one a go. thank you for this review, i've seen it advertised and wondered what it was like.
    hope you're well,
    laura xx


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