Foundation On A Budget

I have a really bad habit of going to Lancaster to stop at my boyfriends and forgetting vital parts of my makeup. Last week was foundation. I wanted to go out but my face was a mess and I just felt like I couldn't face the world without something covering my skin so I ran to Superdrug and picked up this Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation.

I got this little hidden gem for under £5 and I am actually astonished to say that it is better than any of the other foundations I am using at the moment. This foundation gives a very thick coverage, and seems to blur out any imperfections on my skin and for £5 it was an absolute life saver. The colour is perfect for my skin (which rarely ever happens as I'm paler than a dead person) and it just feels nice on my face. I personally love the Collection 2000 range of makeup, and the fact that they do great products for teeny prices makes them one of my favourite brands!



  1. What's the finish like? Is it quite sticky or powdery? I have such combination skin so it's so to get the right one for me! x

    1. I would say it's quite sticky, definitely not powdery xx

  2. Hi babe, I just wanted to tell u that I just opened my first giveaway...I would be very happy if u could join! :)

  3. This sounds great, such a bargain too! :) xo

  4. sounds fab! i love their lasting perfection concealer, it's perfect!

  5. anti age is fab :D
    x the cookies

  6. great post! might have to go check this out now! :)


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