Life Update - Madeira Holiday, Finishing Uni, Bigger & Brighter Things

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You took a ten-minute dream in the passengers seat while the world it was flying by. I haven't been gone very long but it feels like a lifetime.

Ola blogging babies! I know it's been a while, and I hope you're all alright and well within yourselves. I thought I'd just write a little post to explain my absence and lack of enthusiasm with the blogging scene recently, and also explaining where I'm at with my life right now. 

If you follow me on social media (twitter and instagram) you will know that I finished University last week. It's been a tough old run, I never really expected to ever finish. I sort of thought that I'd of given up half way through - and trust me, I almost did. But amazingly I made it through the storm. University has pretty much been a shambles from the start for me, it's not something that I would ever recommend to anyone. If you know it isn't for you, don't go ahead and do it. You will be miserable, much like I have been for the last few years. Now that it's over I feel like the weight of the world has been taken off my shoulders. Now it's over I cannot wait to begin my life properly - with my fingers crossed that an amazing job is just around the corner. 

With Uni ending, that obviously leaves me more time for the things that I've been neglecting lately. Mostly PoptartsBeauty. It's been sad for me, because my blog has lost momentum in the past few months. I've been so busy with everything else, work, filming, internship, that I've had absolutely no time for the things that I truly love. And I do truly love this blog, with all my heart. It's my little baby. But I know that my little baby has been...well...disappointing recently. I feel like I've lost touch with what originally inspired me to blog, posts have been lacking and when I have posted my content has sucked. I'm making a promise to myself (and to whoever may be reading this) that I will sort it out over the next few weeks. Get ready for quality content and *hopefully* giveaways and competitions. Stayed tuned because PoptartsBeauty is going to rock it. 

I've spent the last week in Madeira with my wonderful boyfriend Kieron. We had such a fantastic time and it's been hard to come back home to normality. I promise to bore you with photographs and tales of glorious Madeira sometime later in the week, but I thought I should at least mention it in this post as it's a life update and .... well this is what I've been doing! 

Peace out x
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  1. Great post! I'm glad you'll finally be getting to do what you love instead of worrying about the stresses on uni :)


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