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Nobody Wants A Real Job Anymore - Everyone Wants To Be Alexa Chung.

So I'm trying this new thing...where I am drunk blogging. I've had just under a bottle of Sainsbury's finest wine (haha) and now I want to write about my lovely new crop top from Rock On Ruby - the Alexa crop. 

"The idea behind our site was to allow girls to create fun tops and tees suitable for any occasion - and who would know better than us girls?! Choose from our range online, or create your own top. Our aim is to pass on the latest trends, so if we love it, you'll know about it... Keep an eye on our blog for the latest products and party ideas. We wanted to create a website that specialised in quirky,unique tops - this way our customers can get exactly what they are looking for! We also wanted to show real girls in our outfits... so you'll often see us wearing the range ourselves. As young ladies ourselves, we know that girls want the latest fashions that are fun, high quality and of course, individual!"

So I absolutely adore Rock On Ruby. They are the sort of brand that allows you to customise your own t-shirts (hoodies, jumpers, crop tops ect ect) which I love because it allows you to show yourself off and be a bit individual in a world where Primark rules the roost. Not only that but their pre-made designs are fantastic, and have me cracking up every time I click onto their website. 

I now own two items of clothing from Rock On Ruby - the Alexa crop top (show above) and a vest top that I had made that says "shot club" on it, for all those times I find myself at the pub quiz and in the Shot Club team. I have found that each of these items have been of high quality, and I have had absolutely no problems with them whatsoever. They also look so quirky, and I cannot tell you the amount of people that have stopped me to ask my where I got my top from. 

Over and out x
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