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Products that are great for your body are something that I am always looking out for. I just don't see the point of putting loads of awful chemicals all over yourself, it cannot be good for you in the long run. We all know that deodorant is something that is especially important. It is something that you tend to use every single day but unfortunately sometimes the deodorant you're putting on isn't always fantastic for your skin. 

Caring Touch Roll-On Deodorant is a brand new product from Bionsen's range of aluminium and paraben-free deodorants. Bionsen state that their hypoallergenic-approved formula effectively neutralises bacteria responsible for body odour, protecting delicate skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and cool for up to 24 hours. Tested by the Clinic of Dermatology at Siena University, all Bionsen products are formulated using the same natural minerals that can be found in the volcanic spas of Japan (known as ‘Onsen’), long-prized for their ability to nourish the skin and keep it healthy. The entire Bionsen range is free from aluminium and parabens which have been linked with skin irritation or allergic skin reactions in those with sensitive skin.

I have become obsessed with wearing this roll-on. For the last week or so it has been living in my handbag and I have used to every day. I find that roll-ons are super handy, and this one is especially great because the smell isn't overpowering, yet the product is so ridiculously moisturising. With some roll-ons I have previously used, I have found that my underarms felt kind of sticky afterwards which is an awful feeling, but this deodorant seems to melt into your skin quickly so there is no icky feeling on my armpits!  

If you are conscious about the chemicals you may be putting onto your skin when using body products, then this is the deodorant for you. I personally really love it, and am so happy that it has become a staple in my every day routine. The thing is with deodorant is that they are necessary for every day living, so I feel you should really do your research into which ones are best for you. This one is definitely best for me. 

You can get all Bionsen products from Boots stores and their roll-on deodorant retails at £2.49. 

(Sorry about the quality of the photography, I am having some slight technical difficulties with my camera!) 
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  1. Sounds great, I'm always on the look out for products the arent filled with chemicals. May have to give this a try.

  2. Sounds really good and I love that it lacks all those nasty chemicals!


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