Flesh Eating Babe


Apart from the frightening, the moaning, the biting, he seemed to be a nice guy.

Possibly my favourite dress of all time, "zombie nation" is a Black Milk rip off that I bought from ebay about a year ago. I'm all for Black Milk, and I own a few of their official dresses but I can't be the only one who thinks their clothing is just so expensive. I know I'm just a student, and I'm not exactly rolling in the dough, which is probably why they seem so much. I mean I'd rather eat than spend £70 on one dress. I think that sometimes it's okay to buy rip offs. 

The only problem with this dress is that it is a little bit pixelly. If you're close up to it, none of the zombies are in focus. Ho-hum, how can I complain when it cost me £5?! 

Zombie Nation Dress - Ebay

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  1. Cute dress! I don't think the pixels will be noticed, the whole dress is eye catching :)

    By the way I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :) You can view my post here: http://glimmeringshadows.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  2. haha love the dress!



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