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I am all about online friendships, because over the years I have known so many wonderful people who have been there for me just when I needed them. The thing is with online friends is that they don't have to know every little thing about your life to care, they're the ones that pop up on Twitter at 2am telling you how much they love you, even if you haven't spoken or tweeted them yet that week. They're the ones that send you ridiculous snapchats from hundreds of miles away to brighten your day and every so often they become the ones that you meet in real life and create a solid friendship with. 
Recently I have been blabbering on about how beauty bloggers don't have a "girl gang". We've seen it a million times with the fashion bloggers - which is great because...I mean...just look at how fabulous they are. I don't need to tell you that. But as beauty bloggers we are less than obvious about our friendships and the things that we have in common with eachother. That's why today, I am going to introduce to you the lovely ladies that I absolutely adore, who have got me through so much these last few months. These are the girls I want in my very own Girl Gang. 

I am going to start with an obvious one. One day, about two years ago, I got the cutest email from Laura that basically said she'd been reading my blog and noticed that my boyfriend went to the same University as her. After hundreds of emails back and forth, chatting about our lives and getting to know eachother, we decided to take the plunge and meet up at Lancaster Uni. This was the start of a fantastic friendship, one that I'm not sure either of us originally expected. We found that we had so much in common, and since then we have been the bestest of blogger friends. My friends and family absolutely adore her, and I love her family as well. We've been to meetups together, stopped over at eachother's houses, got drunk together and last time we met up we spent the afternoon eating pizza, gossiping and watching youtube (something that you can only do comfortably with real friends!) Laura has become my little blogging partner in crime, and even though we don't get to see eachother that much, when we do see eachother it's like we have never been apart. 

Where do I start with Tanya? I'm not even sure how this wonderful girl appeared in my life. One day we were casually chatting on Twitter, the next minute we were sending ugly selfies to eachother via Snapchat and being Facebook besties. Aside from Laura (who I've met in real life), Tanya is the only blogger that has my phone number. She's just such a lovely girl who is such a good friend and also a fantastic, top-notch beauty blogger. Her content never fails to amaze me and I'm so jelly of all the events she gets to go to. In August I'm going down to LDN to live with her for a few days and I actually can't wait for all the fun we are going to have. In the mean time, I hope we have lots of drunken phone-calls and cute tweets. Love you lots Tanya! 

Olivia is probably the main inspiration for this post. At the moment she has been showering the Twitter/blogger community with compliments with her #sharelove campaign which aims to make bloggers feel happier about themselves and their day. I cannot express how lovely Olivia is, and when she sends me a tweet I always feel so warm and happy inside! We have had some hilarious conversations in the past and her Twitter is a staple in my day. She is always there for me on Twitter, infact she is always supporting everyone on Twitter and I think that is so amazing. You make the blogging world a better place Olivia, so thank you for letting me into your life a little bit. 

It's funny because these are my "top three" but there are so many lovely ladies online that I have become pals with these last few years. Even those that aren't bloggers *hiya Beck!* it's been great fun getting to know so many people and obviously I'm always looking for new recruits in my "Girl Gang" so if you fancy popping up and saying "Hi", I'd be more than honoured to say "Hi" back. 

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  1. Aw thanks sweet, this is really lovely <3

  2. awww nice post, i love making frns but they dont always get to stay reason bcos i dont know how to hide my anger

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh this is the cutest thing. I LOVE YOU! London is waiting for you xxxxx

  4. Hello from Spain: fabulous recommendations. Nice pics .. keep in touch

  5. I really hope that blogging brings me similar friends and online relationships. It's one of the reasons I started so I could meet like-minded people :) great post!

    Love M

  6. Aww love these kinds of posts :) Gonna have to check out all the bloggers you mentioned x

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