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The addiction is real. The struggle is real. Another lipstick review post this time from an amazing company called Nizz Cosmetics. I found Nizz on Instagram a while back whilst I was scrolling down my feed and instantly fell in love with their bold, daring colour range. 

They had a fantastic 2 for the price of 3 offer on on their website so I decided on the shades "Rose Pink", "Virgo Blue" and "Purple Haze" . They quickly arrived two days later and I was so excited to receive them. They looked amazing online and I was in serious need of some blue lips! 

All three of the lipsticks are fantastically pigmented. My rubbish phone photographs just do not do them justice. They are so bold and bright, I don't think I've ever had lipsticks as pigmented as these are. They are seriously long wearing as well and don't feather at all, which is amazing since the formula is so intensely creamy. All of these lipsticks are lustre finishes and have a great high shine look which is great for MUA's and photoshoots. They photograph beautifully (when you aren't using your camera phone HA score one for laziness!) My only complaint with these lipsticks is they have a slight smell, I can't really put my finger on what they actually smell like but it's...something. It doesn't stick around thankfully, once applied and dried the smell disappears and you're just left with perfect, bold lips.

You can get any of these lipsticks and LOADS more from
I REALLY recommend these lipsticks and would go as far as saying these are my absolute favourite lipsticks that I own (and I own a lot!) If you're really into crazy colours you will absolutely love Nizz Cosmetics. Plus they also do a natural looking range with neutral lip colours, so there really is something for everyone.

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