Hair Tips For The Colder Months


As the weather gets colder in Britain, our hair routine is going to need to be taken up a notch. During the winter months your hair is super vulnerable to losing shine and moisture but thankfully there are some great ways to keep your hair feeling nourished and healthy in the up-coming months. 

Hair oil is your best friend : I love hair oil, it's wonderful for taming and fixing my dead-ends. It's also great for making your hair look shiny and full of moisture which is perfect for Winter when your hair looks sad and dry. 

Water : It may be an obvious one but drinking loads and loads of water is going to make your hair (and your whole body) feel great. Hydration is the best way to combat lifeless hair, trust me, you'll really see the difference. 

Have a trim : Make sure you get all your dead ends snipped off your hair and say goodbye to Sun damage! 

Heat protection : During winter you may not want to wait for your hair to dry naturally so to protect your hair from damage caused by heated appliances use a heat protective spray or cream. Just massage the product in with your fingers before drying and styling your hair to help retain moisture and shine.

Switch your shampoo : Another way to retain moisture is to swap your normal shampoo for a special moisturising shampoo during the Winter.

Tangle Teaser : Keeping your hair tamed and smooth is a big problem during the colder, windier months so why not invest in a Tangle Teaser? It will provide a gentler way to brush through those knotty ends.

Hat time all the time : To retain heat when it's cold make sure to choose a super cute hat to complete your outfit. It'll also protect your hair against all sorts of wind damage. 
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  1. my hair always goes so awful in winter, I rely on oil too!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. Thanks for the tips love!
    Hydration is the most important one for sure!
    Doesn't really get cold here in California though ahhaha

    Hope you'll stop by sometime!

    xx Shirley

  3. Great tips!! :-) Definitely agree on the hair oil and hats too..I'll be using your advice!
    Life inside the Locket

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    here on bloglovin and via Instagram?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn.


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