Life Through My Phone - September/October


Happy life update day *looks around an empty room because nobody cares*. The one thing I'm always consistent with is taking photos on my phone and uploading them all onto the internet, so it seems fair that I upload them all on here as well. It's been a strange two months and apart from Paris and my birthday I've not really done anything or seen anybody. It's so annoying and sad but I just don't have the money and with Uni starting up again I just don't have the time for a life either. Hopefully things will get back to normal.

Recently I've been having a bit of a crap time at Uni, I mean...I'm ALWAYS having a crap time at Uni, it is just awful, but this time I'm on the verge of quitting forever. If I wasn't in my final year I'd run for the hills. Having to do something I hate so very, very much is mentally and physically draining and I cannot wait til it's over. Just a few months left.

In my spare time I've been doing loads of crafts and by doing loads of crafts I actually mean that I've been putting glitter on EVERYTHING. I've also been designing comic book shoes and I'm really enjoying myself just making whatever I want. I think my creativity block has finally gone! It's about time!

I also invested in an Xbox One which I have been playing NON STOP. I think I may actually be addicted. Most of the above photographs are from September. I haven't really put any order to these photos but oh well. You live and you learn!  

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  1. Omg love the hair and the mickey mouse heels and the lipsticks! :D

  2. That friends tshirt is so cute!! xx

    Abi |

  3. I bought the Friends t-shirt too! Just don't do what I did and attempt to cut it into a vest but get too carried away and have to tie it together to where I now resemble Dobby in his pillowcase haha x

  4. Amazing photos! Love those lipstick shades very unique! :) I also want to get the XBOX One but cant decided between that or the PS4!! :O xx


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