Topshop Lip Cream In Pout


I do love a freebie so I was super duper happy to receive a free lip cream with my Topshop order a few weeks back. I was sent Pout which is a very, very bright orange shade. It's a sort of liquid lipstick/lipgloss mix that dries into a velvety cream finish. It is intensely pigmented, when I previous said that this was bright orange I really meant it. It's insane how bright this colour is and because of this it just doesn't suit me at all.

I have tried to wear it out, tried to make it less...bright, but I just can't get it to work. I did find however that the colour was extremely long-lasting and didn't budge all day, which is fantastic for what is essentially a lipgloss. It isn't sticky at all on the lips and I'm sure it would look gorgeous on someone who isn't me. 

I adore Topshop's makeup range and I'm not going to let the colour of this lip cream put me off, just because it isn't the right shade for me doesn't mean I won't be able to find one that is! I love the feel of this on my lips so I will definitely be investing in some other colours. If you like this lip cream, it's only £7 either in stores or on Topshop's website.

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  1. ah this lip cream looks beautiful and a bit scary aah! i can imagine it would look great with a tan though! xx

    Olivia / Olivia Roses

  2. Amazing, intense shade and it looks lovely and creamy too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. I wouldn't be able to wear this, I would be too scared!
    Paige xx
    Butterfly Fly Away

  4. Looks really good, I love wearing bold colours haha x

  5. The formula sounds lovely! Can't wait to see what other colors you get! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  6. Love the colour!

    Just followed your blog! x

  7. Very bright! I bought the red colour in the sale (Which I posted about here: ) and completely agree that the lasting power is beyond awesome! x

  8. wow that's a beautiful shade!

  9. This looks beaut! Would've been more wearable if it was a little more red though, like Mac's Lady Danger! <3

  10. Looks so bright and fun!
    And I'm loving your nails, especially for summer :)

    roses are bluee ♡

  11. Wooooow that is an intense orange! I'm not that brave, lol. Glad to see it didn't put you off though. Maybe you could pick one up in a shade that you love. :)

  12. I think this shade would suit me as I love orange toned reds. I'll have to check this out next time i'm in topshop! x

  13. that is such a gorgeous colour!I think I'd fit this shade because my skin is tad bit darker and olive-y x


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