Life Through My Phone #2 - You Are Always Drunk

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I don't know why but I really love letting you guys into my life. I'm not sure whether you actually care or not about what I'm doing, it's probably the attention ho in me but I do really like it. I'm always so interested to see what other bloggers are doing during the week when they aren't blogging or being perfect online (and you are all perfect and beautiful and I'm literally so jealous of everyone.) I think it's good to see some realness and some messiness sometimes though and I guess that's why I keep writing these sorts of posts. 

Once again I have compiled a post full of my face (hahahaha sorry) and what I've been up to these last few weeks. The other day I woke up at 5am because the rain was smashing against my window and I saw that the whole sky was like a blazing orange! It was stunning but insane. I've never seen the sky look like that before and for a moment I literally thought it was the end of the wasn't. 
I've had a silly week full of tanning, gaming and drinking. I've been out on two double dates with my fella and my friends. I've tanned so much that I am this glorious golden goddess (I wish!) and for once I'm feeling super duper happy. The weekend that's just passed I spent working and then on Sunday night me and all of my friends piled to the local free music festival in Darwen and went wild. We watched my boyfriend's band play and then we went into the town centre to watch The Beautiful South play! Obviously we were all extremely drunk and slow danced then started a mosh pit to Perfect 10 and Don't Marry Her, Have Me. Mature, I know. Anyone would think we were drunken teenagers but nope, 21+. 
I do love my friends so much, look at how cute they all are *squishes faces*. These last few weeks have been so hilarious and so much fun. 
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  1. I love your braid in the first set of pictures. I badly want to braid my hair, but it's layered, so all the pieces just fall out even with bobby pins.


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