Life Through My Phone #1

The first photo is of a gorgeous choker necklace that I bought from Heaven Is Whereever on Instagram. I'm in love with the choker and I've worn it almost every single day since it arrived. It's really become a staple part of my wardrobe! I also bought the polka dot boots from boohoo because I thought they were gorgeous and well I can't say no to polka dots! The Ben & Jerry's Greek Style Frozen Yoghurt was absolutely delicious and I spent the other night scoffing my face with it whilst doing my work. The final photograph is of my Final Cut Pro screen once my University work had been completed. I'd spent hour after hour slaving over my project and was so glad to see the back of it! I've had a tough few weeks trying to get finished all of my University work, I'm sure most of you are aware about how ridiculously stressful it is when deadlines are approaching! Thankfully that's all over with now and I don't have to think about editing until September. 
Look at how absolutely gorgeous my best friends are. It's one of my favourite photos from last month, we are such cuties. The second photo was taken the day I went to Lancaster to visit my gorgeous blogger bestie Laura from Lisforladybird - you probably know her because her blog is fantastic and she is fantastic. I had the best few days ever last week, I don't think I've laughed and smiled so much in such a long time. The last two photos are of what Laura did to me (not against my will, more I made her do it) whilst I was at her house. Purple hair! It's only a 20 wash dye but I absolutely love the colour and would definitely consider keeping it like this. You should see Laura's hair as well, she looks like a complete mermaid.
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  1. Love the photos! <3

  2. how good is the frozen yoghurt! the vanilla caramel one is to die for too! xxx

  3. I lovee the boots! I've been looking for a choker necklace for ages. This post is a good idea, I need to start taking more photos on my phone! xx
    Beyond Bally.


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