Seventeen CC Cream


I am not a massive fan off BB Creams, they just aren't thick enough for me and don't provide the coverage I need for constant dark eye circles and patchy skin but after fake tanning I needed something a little darker than my normal skintone. I saw that Boots had a 2 for 3 offer on Seventeen so I decided to try a few new products - their matte radiance CC Cream was one of them! 

It comes in only two shades, fair and medium - which isn't great for many skintones but thankfully medium was the perfect shade for my fake tanned skin. It's a really lovely natural tan colour and I adore the way it makes my face look. It has a very light consistency and does remind me a little bit of a tinted moisturiser but for once I actually liked it. The coverage is amazing for how light this CC cream is and it's so easy to blend. It does have a matte finish although I was surprised when I first applied this as it is quite watery and almost shimmery. Though that shimmer does disappear once blended, it was very odd to see. 

My only real gripe with this product is that it sticks to dry patches on my face. Patches I didn't even realise that were there beforehand. It's really annoying and because of it I've been moisturising like crazy and wearing loads of primer to stop it from going patchy which seems to be working. I don't know whether it's because it's a darker shade than I could normally go for but honestly, it doesn't look good. If I don't prime and prep beforehand I look like a lepur. 

Overall, I do really love this CC Cream. It's SO much better for my skin and is allowing my skin to breathe for once. The coverage is fantastic but please note that it is worth piling on the primer before you pop it onto your skin! 

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  1. Hi, great post I am looking to try a cc cream so this review was really helpful. Just a quick question, what storage do you use for your lipsticks in the back of the photo?

    1. Hi Rebecca :) I got my lipstick storage from ebay - x

    2. Great thank you, I been looking for some for ages :) xx

  2. I must try this, sounds pretty good x

  3. Ooh, thank you for this Jane! I've been looking into getting myself a BB or CC cream for a while as I prefer a light coverage. This is very helpful!

    Lou xx
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  4. Such a good review :) I need to try this! I am looking for a cheap BB cream to try and this sounds good and I'd say I will pick up medium aswell as I wear fake tan :)

  5. Great post,
    I've been looking for a tinted moisturiser for a while now and this one sounds great, I will definitely have to try it
    Rachel XX

  6. This posts makes me want to give CC creams a chance. Might be nice and lightweight for summer.

    xx, H

  7. I've never tried a CC cream, well because same as you i'm not really keen on BB creams. i may give this one a try.

    Hayley \\

  8. I never tried CC creams, but now I will definitely give it a chance :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your blog! check mine out and leave suggestions?

  10. I've been meaning to try these! The packaging is super cute :) I'm in love with your blog! xx

    Jade x



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