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I was recently contacted by Yves Rocher about their new skincare range and as I'm a massive fan of their brand I jumped at the chance to work with them. Yves Rocher have been one of my favourite beauty brands for some time now and I absolutely adore their products - their foundations are absolutely top notch. 

Yves Rocher are primarily a French brand which have over the last few years has expanded into the UK and worldwide market. They are a fantastic company with great ethics, one that I am 100% behind. So getting to try a few more of their excellent products was an absolute dream for me.

I was sent a long-lasting moisturizing cream for hands, anti-fatigue iced gel for feet, body cream and a little coconut bath-bomb. The bath-bomb went straight into my bath as soon as the package arrived and it was an absolute joy. I never usually use things like bath-bombs, they just don't float my boat very much, but this one was super cute and I loved the smell of coconut that stayed on my skin even after my bath.  

The moisturizing hand cream is really great for tired, dry hands. In this super cold weather I've been having a lot of problems with my skin and keeping it soft. This has really helped the condition of my hands every time I've used it. It smells so nice as well and it is clearly a natural product. The same goes really for the feet gel. My Mum swears by these sorts of gels as she is constantly on her feet at work but I'd never really tried one before. I can see why she likes them so much! After a hard days work I decided to give it a go and lathered it onto my poor feet. The cooling sensation is pretty much instant, as soon as you start to massage the gel into your feet they start to feel slightly cold. But oh, it's a wonderful sensation! You can also use this gel on your legs as well when they start to ache, which is great, everybody loves a two-in-one product.  

Lastly we have the organic oats silky cream. This is basically a body lotion that is enriched with organic oats. Yves Rocher state on their website that they have "selected certain organic oats to restore intact all the virtues of this calming and softening cereal. Its beneficial effects provide the skin with soothing and protective mildness, like a tender, enveloping cocoon." I have to say that I completely agree with that! This cream really makes your skin feel soft straight away and super, super moisturised. It also smells...delicious. That's the only word I can think of to describe this. It just smells so yummy.

I really loved all of these products and I can not tell you enough that you should all get behind this great brand. They just offer an amazing range and everything I have ever tried from them has been fantastic. 

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  1. Great package, everything looks amazing!


  2. i always pass yves rocher shop here in Ukraine, but never thought of entering, now i think i will try the product. my new post here http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/

  3. Neeeed to try these products!!!


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