2015 : Blogging Goals

This is my fourth year into blogging - four years, can you believe it? It's like a long, complicated relationship that I just can't stop. Today I've been looking back on my time as a blogger and thinking about all the things I wish I'd done differently. Old layouts that hurt to look at, outfit posts that were disasterous and product photographs taken on my phone. No, looking back is awful and it shows just how far I've come as a blogger. There are still things I'd like to improve upon though, I mean, sometimes I can just randomly go for months without posting, that is not the sign of a good blogger, let alone one that's been doing this for four years. 

So I've come up with a few things that I'd like to do differently this year. I know pretty much everyone online has now got a post like this. In fact, I'm pretty late jumping on the bandwagon. 

#1 - Blog more often
This year I am going to stick to a more scheduled routine in regards to my blog posts. Over the last four years I've just sort of been winging it. Blogging when I felt like it, which isn't really the thing to do if you're trying to be taken seriously in the blogging world. I've decided to blog more often, twice a week at least, and I'm going to stick to a strict schedule. 

#2 - Write more ideas down
It's about time I started to actually plan my posts as well, even if I just jotted down a few notes here and there with some ideas on what to write. It would stop me from rambling and it would be so much more professional. Plus it means I can buy myself some super cute stationary. 

#3 - More outfit posts
My intention for this year is to start taking more outfit photographs and documenting my style evolution. Looking back on photos it's clear to see that my style has changed dramatically. I would even go as far as saying that I'm probably in my most fashionable stage in life. So I guess I should really start showing it off, as it's something that I'm becoming quite proud of. It's been a long time since I felt good about the way I look, so why not flaunt it? 

#4 - Take better photographs
I've had a DSLR for nearly three years and I still don't really know how to use it. I guess the more posts I create, the more I'm going to have to use it. I really need to learn the basics and then I'll be happy. I always hate the photographs I take for my blog posts.

#5 - Youtube?
This is one of those things that I keep coming back to. I'm still just so unsure about sitting in front of a camera and letting you all see me for who I really am (a complete Northern mess). This is something I have been thinking about for at least a year and I'm sure the day will come, I just know I'm so awkward and annoying. I guess it's a massive step to go onto youtube and I'm so jealous of all those girls that I know who took that step and are now super successful. I wish that could be me.

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  1. The "Take better photographs" and "more outfit posts" are def on my list of blogging goals this year as well. What puts me off outfit posts tho is my lack of photography skills and constant comparing to fashion bloggers with perfect backdrops and fab outfits. Really need to learn a bit more about my camera as well, I'd imagine I could do a lot more if I only knew more of the features. Where is the photo at the top of this post taken? REALLY looks like Tenerife <3


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that about photography, I spend all my time comparing myself to fashion bloggers and bigger beauty bloggers. I just want my blog to be as pretty as theres! Is that so much to ask?

    It's Lanzarote! xx

  3. I come up with ideas in the strangest places. I have notes on my phone of blog ideas! So handy to have somewhere to right them down xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. So excited that you'll be posting more! Two of my goals are to do more outfits & improve my photography too, I'm sure you can do it! You should definitely give Youtube a go - I started a channel at the end of last year and don't know why I didn't sooner. Nerves, I guess, but once you get that first video up you realise you were worrying about nothing :) You can do it!
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. Hi dear!

    I love your blog!

    Can you maybe check out mine and follow each other?


    Rafaela from Pretty Tiny Things

  6. Totally similar to my resolutions :) xx


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