Pixie Glittered - Grand Re-Opening! BLOGGERS WANTED


When I first opened my Christmas project Pixie Glittered in October last year, I never thought I'd be as popular or as busy as I was. It was insane the amount of orders I received for glitter glasses, and I managed to make over £400 in two short weeks. Obviously because it is no longer Christmas, the orders have dwindled and I've been left feeling...well...empty. I've been missing creating things. With that in mind, I decided to invest in a beautiful sewing machine and over the last few weeks I've been practising and creating all sorts of new designs. 

Pixie Glittered is now reopening with a whole new look and feel. No longer will I focus soley on glitter wine glasses (although, they will always be in my heart). Instead Pixie Glittered is now offering beautiful hand-made accessories such as leg garters and head-bands.

Over the next year or so, I hope to expand and create pocket t-shirts, skirts, body harnesses ect ect. I'm really loving being creative and getting to share that with the world. I hope you all check out my shop and give us a cheeky like on facebook!

On top of this, and with the grand opening in mind, I am now looking for beauty and fashion bloggers that would like a freebie in return for some endorsement on their blogs. It would really help me get the brand out there! So please, if you are interested email minichimp2001@hotmail.com - this is gunna have to be a first come, first serve process. I'm not going to be extremely choosey about blogs, just as long as you post quality content and actually like my products! 

My new shop opens tomorrow night, so I'm giving you lot the chance to get a freebie early on! But please, go and like us on facebook, and drop me an email so we can sort something out.

Thanks ladies,

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  1. this is awesome , it is amazing how you developed your skill into a business!

  2. Hello from Spain: Great .Keep in touch


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