SORRY For Slacking


I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I'm really sorry for slacking with my blog over the last month or so. I think we all get to the point where we feel like our blogs are going nowhere and nothing can make them better or that it's pointless because nobody reads it or recognises you as a blogger. I guess I have just been feeling uninspired and well...bored of my blog lately, which is so sad to say. I know I go through this feeling every 6 or 7 months with this thing, but I'm hoping I can sort myself out and get back into blogging more often. 

Stay tuned.
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  1. I literally posted a very similar post to this yesterday over on my blog ( I know exactly how you feel, I was beginning to feel the same way. I hope you get through it, I really enjoy reading your blog!

    Francesca x

  2. Nooo keep going hun!! Though I know exactly how you feel and literally only just wrote a post about it too :) We all enjoy reading x xxx


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