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After writing my "sorry for slacking" blog post I have made the decision this week to try and blog every single day including the days I am at work. I think I owe it to myself, my blog and to anyone that actually enjoys reading this blog... *tumble weed passes by*. I have SO many things to review and so many posts to write so I'm actually going to write them. Yay me. 

So today, I'm starting off with one of those brands that I absolutely love and spend a lot of time raving on about. chill* are literally my favourite hair colouring brand so when I was offered the chance to try out their blonde shampoo and conditioner I found it hard to say no. 

chill* says; “Our shampoo for blondes is a fabulously rich moisturising shampoo with grape seed oil and hydrolysed proteins. We’ve also added violet pigments that assist in the toning down of unwanted brassy or yellow tones in blonde hair whether the hair is natural or chemically treated. Go on…be a blonde bombshell!”

If you don't already know, blonde shampoos are used for when your blonde becomes orangey, brassy or lifeless - whether this is from the sun, bleaching or just general hair related things. Blonde hair can be extremely hard to look after and maintain and sometimes your hair just needs a simple kick up the backside to sort itself out. The purple counteracts with brassy tones which in turn helps to lighten or take away unwanted colour. The more you use it, the blonder you get basically, and if you over-use it your hair can get tinted with purple or silver - a look I personally love on blondes. After all, who doesn't want lilac hair?! I've been bleaching and dying my hair from black to blonde for five years now and because my natural hair is so dark it does tend to get a bit over brassy sometimes. I feel like I am queen of purple shampoos because I've used them so much! 

That being said, baring in mind how many shampoos I've tried over the last few years, I have to say that these two are my absolute favourite. I've been using them for a good month or so now and I have really seen the condition and colour of my dyed blonde hair change and improve. It actually looks and feels amazing, I'm so impressed. These products are the greatest and they smell so fabulous. They are extremely perfumey and the smell lasts on your hair for a good few hours after washing. Kieron even said that my hair smells delicious...DELICIOUS! 

I really have no bad things to say about these products and I would recommend these to absolutely everyone (well every blonde, that is) because they work so well. I'd give them a gazillion out of ten if I could.

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  1. This looks so good! Great review.

  2. I am obsessed with trying out new purple shampoos! I'd love to try this one. One of my favorites have been Unite Blonda Shampoo. I think you'd love it! One of the best one's I've tried so far, and makes my hair the ash blonde color that I love. (Better than Redken's purple shampoo, too)



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