Heart Helix Piercing


Soooo, if you are one of my followers on Instagram (and if you're not, shame on you, follow me now...please pretty please with a cherry on top, I'll be your best friend forever) you will know that yesterday I did a spur of the moment thing and got my helix pierced. Not once, but twice. 

I decided on a heart helix piercing, which requires two holes, urgh needles. I managed to pump myself up so much, to the point where I was bursting with excitement by the time I'd got into the piercing chair. I was terrified because I am a complete and utter wuss but at the same time I just really wanted it done. 

The pain was minimal, I went to Hex in Blackburn and they are known far and wide for how amazing their piercing team is and I was extremely happy to know that I was being pierced by the big boss lady. The first needle didn't hurt too much but the second one did a little, this was probably because...well because there were two holes in my poor ear. It sort of stung a bit when the heart was put into the holes because it had to be wiggled around a bit to get in but the whole process was over in literally a few seconds. 

This piercing is not for the faint hearted. It bled and it bled like crazy. For hours. And then it stopped bleeding and I knocked it slightly and then it bled for a few more hours. It took ages to clean up but once it had stopped bleeding I was so incredibly happy. It's such a gorgeous piercing! What do you think? 
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  1. It looks so amazing. I only have one Helix piercing. I don't know how you did both in one go.

    Hayley \\ http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12597893

  2. Wow this looks amazing :D really cute choice on the heart too :)


  3. Looks so pretty! I got a helix piercing recently too, but I was as brave as you with yours x

    Gegsy Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  4. It looks so bloody pretty - I've been thinking of getting some more piercings and this has spurred me on even more. I love it!

    Jemma // Jemma In Words

  5. Wow that really suits you Jane! I wish I had to guts to do something like this!

    Lou xo
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  6. It looks so nice, Jane!!


  7. Gorgeous! I've only got one helix piercing, used to hurt like mad whenever I knocked it though! Beth xxx



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