VO5 Plump It Up & Give Me Texture Sprays!


This is going to be a double review on my new favourite hair products! I'd heard fabulous things about these for such a long time and never picked them up but whilst I was having a shop in Superdrug I saw that these were buy one get one free so I was all over that!! 

Let's start with VO5's Plump It Up...

Plump It Up - Dry Backcombing Spray

Big hair is a must for me, my natural hair is as flat and thin as a pancake so anything that tells me it's going to make my hair look bigger is a MUST in my book. I'm always backcombing my hair but it never ever stays in even when I've been using hair spray and by the end of the night my hair is always sticking to my head. Until now! VO5's Plump It Up Dry Backcombing Spray really helps secure backcombing. It adds so much texture and lasts for such a long time once applied, because of this you're going to be saving your hair a shed load of damage from constant backcombing. This product also doubles up as a dry shampoo, which to be honest is such a massive life saver! It doesn't leave any sort of residue or white powder like a lot of other dry shampoos and it makes your hair look super, duper shiny! I really recommend that you buy this if you need help with flat hair, it's such a cheap and perfect product. 

Give Me Texture - Dry Texturising Spray

Obviously because my hair is always constantly flat I've always needed a bit of texture. This spray is great, you just spray it onto your hair, scrunch it up abit and within seconds you get that gorgeous bed-head sort of look. It gives my hair a natural sort of wave, it looks so pretty and so full of life! It's a great product that doesn't weigh your hair down and it somehow has the magical power to make your hair look thicker and longer! Salt is the magical ingredient here, this spray is basically just a salt spray so bare in mind that it can sometimes leave your hair feeling a bit dry. I've learnt not to overload on this product because of this! 

Overall I am really in love with both of these products and have been using them every single day. They really make my hair look so much nicer and thicker and I've had so many compliments on the state of my hair recently! 
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  1. My hair is exactly the same! Just so flat and will not stay back combed! I might have to give these products a go, I use the L'Oreal studio TXT spray and it does the job but I find that it really really drys my hair out and I find my hair ridiculously hard to comb afterwards! Does this one have the same effect?


  2. Ahh I have the worst flat hair ever! The backcombing spray sounds like a dream, where did you get it from?


  3. Ooooooo! Going to have to try this out!


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