Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation


Oooh such pretty packaging! Max Factor are one of my absolute favourite brands and I am ALWAYS in need of a new foundation - so here we are. Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation in Light Ivory!

As with a lot of Max Factor products, on the offset this product seems quite expensive - £9.99 for a tiny 18ml glass jar, but being a very big fan of Max Factor I decided to get it anyway! 

Max Factor's Whipped Creme foundation is a demi-matte finish which is great for Autumn/Winter. It glides on perfectly and really matches my skin tone. It reminds me a lot of Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse but without the thickness. The foundation is light and airy and doesn't stick to any dry spots on your face (which is the main problem I had with Dream Matte Mousse.) It's such a nice finish and leaves a light to medium coverage which you can easily build upon but really, a little goes such a long way for this product! 

My favourite thing about Max Factor's Whipped Creme foundation is that it has a hydrating effect. Like I said before, most (if not all) matte creme/mousse products tend to dry my skin out to the point where it goes all red and sore. Then the foundation sticks to it and get's all flaky and horrible. I've found that with this foundation it has the opposite effect and really makes my skin feel moisturized and soft. 

Overall I'm really happy with this purchase and can see myself buying it again! It's been such a life-saver these last few weeks and I've been using it none stop whilst it's been freezing cold outside! The hydrating effect really, really helps in this weather and I definitely think that every girl should have a pot of this foundation in their makeup bag! 

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  1. I want it!!! :) I have some dry area too and I found it difficult to find a good foundation :)

    Alice's Pink Diary
    Alice's Pink Diary FACEBOOK PAGE

  2. does this look oily after a long day??

  3. Hello from Spain: Great brand. Keep in touch

  4. This sounds lovely, perfect for winter :) xx

  5. I really want to try this soon! And the creme puff powder looks great too, lovely post :-)

    Meg ♡

  6. I review this myself last week and completely love it. I was surprised though, but I do love how high coverage it is, especially for a high street foundation!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. I've tried this foundation too, can't believe how full coverage it is!
    The Belle Narrative

  8. We've always wanted to try whipped foundation but we haven't heard much about them, so we have been a little hesitant. This one looks promising though, we might have to check it out next time we're instore!

  9. Uh oh,this foundation was horrible for me :o

  10. i used to use L'oreal matte morphose but since the devastating news it was to be discontinued i went on the search for a new foundation. i too picked up this one and Maybelline's dream matte mousse. I agree that this goes a long long way but i find it so uncomfortable on my face, even though how little you need i thought it felt really cakey. I ended up preffering Maybelline's dream matte mousse even though i needed to moisturise so much more as it was so drying!

  11. I guess it does seem expensive for a little jar but if it works so efficiently i don't see why not!
    love victoriajanex

  12. This sounds like a foundation I most definitely have to be trying out! I have the problem of getting dry patches on my oily skin too and every other matte foundation I've ever tried accentuates the problem but non-matte foundations just don't last either. Will definitely pick this up next time I see it around. Lovely review and super glad to see it comes in such a pale shade :D

    Debra Bros Blog


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