Still Laptop-less BUT Life Update Post


I'm writing this at Uni because I am still incredibly laptop-less and it's driving me insane. I wasn't going to blog til my laptop is sorted because I just didn't see the point but I am actually going insane. On the plus side I have absolutely LOADS of life updates to share with you all, and since my laptop's dead you've also got away with not having to read my boring instagram posts (haha). 

So much has changed in the last...well week and a half. It's amazing how much life can just turn around in a few days. Two weeks ago I was informed by my friend that she would be leaving our course at Uni, basically making me the last person on the course - awkward. At first I was completely distraught, with everything that's been going on at Uni recently (having no teachers, having to teach myself ect) I just felt completely hopeless and I took a few "personal days" off Uni to sort myself out. When I arrived back into Uni one of my tutors sat me down and basically said that as long as I was at Uni, there would still be a course. Which is great to know because I was 99% sure they'd stop my course. He also went through all my work with me to make sure I'd be able to hand everything in on time, because a lot of my work was group based and now there's no group. Thankfully I think everything is on track, but I've only got a month to get 4 projects done so I really need to get my head down.

A few weeks ago I also handed my CV in to a few places. Desperate for work and way into my overdraft, I trolled the internet finding somewhere to hire me. Nothing. Then I found out that Blackburn was getting a Waterstones and I literally jumped at the chance to work there. I spent a whole day writing out a brand new CV and an amazing cover letter. At the beginning of last week I got a phone call from Waterstones saying my CV and cover letter was one of the best they'd ever seen and that I should come in for an interview on Thursday! On Friday I was hired!!!!! I started work on Saturday and worked all weekend and I absolutely bloody loved it! It was so much fun and such a good job, doing something I actually want to do and like. Brilliant. 

On Thursday I also passed my Apple Motion 5 exam so I can now happily say that I am an Apple Certified Pro and can teach and use the software professionally! How many people can say that they have that sort of qualification?I'm really starting to think that things are looking up. And with it being the beginning of December I'm really into the Christmas spirit at the moment. I finally feel so happy and like I'm worth something! I've been having such a great time these last few weeks and it's made up for a lot of the bad things and stress I've experienced this year. I just hope it lasts.

I have no idea when my laptop will be back. Or if it even ever will be. I may have to invest in something else, hopefully somewhere has got a laptop sale on - or if someone wants to sell me a laptop...well please do!! I'm sick of not blogging and it's incredibly annoying because for once I actually have loads of posts lined up in my head. I just need to get them out there!

Anyway, I hope you are all well and that your week has been wonderful! x
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  1. Congrats on your new job hun! Looks like I need to hire you out to write my CV! Hehe

  2. Well done on your new job doll. Makes all the difference when your happy with it.
    Try not to stress over Uni - you will be grand :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  3. Well done on getting your new job! :) xx

  4. Congrats on your new job! :))
    haha I really like this photo! :DD

    xo xo Ly
    City Talk

  5. Lucky you getting to work in Waterstones, that would be heaven for me! Congratulations and good luck with your course and laptop x

  6. it definitely sounds like you've managed to get alot done this year!
    hope you enjoy working at waterstones, and congratulations on the apple qualification, that will really make you stand out from the crowd for recruiters! :)

  7. Hello I have literally just started up a blog and was wondering if some one could give me tips? please contact me either on or thankyou xx

  8. Well done on the new job! I used to work for Waterstones in Sutton. I Loved it! You get the joys of giant blue totes that are far to heavy for you to pick up with the delivery in lol. It is a great place to work though, Bet you will love it!

    Lucie //

  9. Don't stress about uni, well done on your new job hun and congrats on the apple qualification you should be proud of yourself!

    Jess xxxx


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