The Christmas Party Post!

This is a bit of a 2013 round up post full of Instagram photos you've all probably already seen and various comments on my life that you may of already seen on Twitter, but for those of you who aren't on Twitter or Instagram these have been my adventures from the last few days!

Secret Santa Party With The Girls - 22nd December

On Sunday I spent the night with my favourite ladies at Emily's house. We did the cutest secret santa ever, ate hotdogs and pizza and then had a few bottles of wine at the pub. It was such a cute night and a great start to Christmas. We all got great presents off eachother too! Tina was my secret santa and she bought me some delicious snowmen marshmallows, popcorn and a gorgeous lipstick from Topshop! I was a happy bunny! 

Christmas Eve Party

On Christmas Eve we had a bit of an open house at mine and loads of family and friends came around for drinks. It was a fun night and I was far, far too drunk.

Boxing Day Night

On Boxing Day (at night haha) I went out with the girls again into town. It started off with me and Ashley and Tina in Ashley's house playing Shot Roulette (once again sorry to those of you who I snapchatted), 13 shots later we stumbled into town and met up with loads of old friends. It was a great night and in typical Blackburn Girl fashion we were all incredibly rowdy!

Hope you've all had a great Christmas period! Please don't forget that you can win a set of Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes by clicking here!
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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  2. Awesome photos. Luuuurve your outfit :) Happy new year

  3. Where did you get your skirt? I've got a very similar one from H&M :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I've just followed you on Google connect and on Bloglovin'.


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