Primark on ASOS

This is an exciting one for all you Primark lovers! Primark has finally joined the online fashion world via ASOS! That means cheap clothes without having to leave your bedroom, which for us lazy girls is perfect. At the moment there's only around 20 items online, but this will grow and more and more products will be added online, so keep a look out! 

From the ASOS website
We can’t imagine a British high street without Primark, and now the retail phenomenon joins ASOS as part of our round up of high street brands. With their unique take on fast fashion and trends, Primark fans can get their hands on their award-winning affordable fashion, from denim jackets, jeans and shirts to printed t-shirts, skater dresses and skirts.

Primark Stripe Vest Maxi Dress - £10

Primark Polka Dot Woven Shirt - £8

Primark Graffiti Print Midi Skirt - £8

Primark Hockey Print T-shirt - £6

Primark Polka Dot Dress - £15
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  1. Oh gosh. I think this could be fatal for my bank balance... :) xxx

  2. I think its so good how primark is now on ASOS! whenever I see something nice in magazines thats from primark its a devil to find, at least now you can order it! xxxx

  3. what absolutely fabulous news! it's about time too :)

  4. I discovered this recently when I was browsing on the New In section on asos. I must say I was quite surprised asos stock Primark now x

  5. Wow can not believe Primark have joined asos! Finally!!! xx

  6. I may have already indulged in this...
    Ok, I definitely did. I bought the denim jacket. It wasn't in Primark when I went in on Saturday so I was so happy to see it online! Eeeeee. Come and see me really soon please Mrs? xxxx

  7. Oh my gawd- finally! I've always thought Primark should have an online store! I hope it will include their basics though, I love their £2 tees!



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