Herbal Essences - Beautiful Ends Cream


After trying the Herbal Essences - Bee Strong Strengthing Mask, I thought I'd try another product from Herbal Essences. This time at Asda for £2.50 (BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN!) I picked up their Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream.

As you probably have already realised - I am not a real blonde and therefore my hair has been bleached and dyed hundreds of times which has effected it's condition. My split ends are always the worst, no matter what I do, so I felt like this cream would be a good investment. 

The packaging is a super cute red bottle made of plastic. It's 150ml so it's quite big but not too big that you can't fit it in a makeup/hair product bag. It has a little pump on the top which helps to dispense the product evenly.

The cream is a thick almost gel like texture which you apply to the ends of your hair after towel or blow-drying. It spreads evenly on the hair although it is quite sticky and waxy when applying. It absorbs pretty quickly though and leaves the ends of your hair feeling smooth and silky. Do not apply too much of this because it will build-up and make your hair feel greasy and weigh it down, you literally need to use about a pea-sized amount of product.  The cream smells lovely too of raspberries, and it's a smell that lingers for a few hours which is great because I love nice smelling hair! 

I can't yet say if this has improved the condition of my hair. I can say that my hair is smoother and looks nicer so I guess that's a plus. I've only used this for the last few days so I'm guessing my hair will start to improve it's condition after a few more uses (hopefully), on that I will keep you updated. 

This is such a nice product and for £2.50 you really can't go wrong! 
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  1. I suffer from really bad split ends as well! I'd love to hear if you think this works long term :) xxx

  2. It sounds good, love the sound of the smell of it! x

  3. Oh gosh I really need this. I recently ombred my hair so I really don't want the ends to be damaged and this sounds good and is cheap too!
    Let us know if it has worked properly :)

    Kathryn x

  4. What a bargain! Sounds lovely too, definitely worth a try. X

  5. I love your blog and thx for following mine! Xx


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