DIY Beachy Sea-Salt Spray!

Want lovely beachy hair without having to actually go to the beach? Want to buy a sea-salt spray but cry, cry, cry they're just too expensive? Solution - make it yourself!

Here is a little tried and tested recipe for you to make your own sea-salt spray! And not only does it work fantastically but my god does it smell delicious! 

You will need:

8 fl oz of warm tap water
Conditioner - preferably something that has a beachy smell (coconut) or a strong smell
Fine sea salt
Hair gel 
Table spoon
Spray bottle

Firstly you need to measure out 8 fl oz of warm tap water. Do this by using the jug and keep the water in there for the time being. Make sure the water is warm enough so that the salt will dissolve properly. 

Next you need to add the sea salt. Pour the salt onto your table spoon and make sure you fill the whole spoon. It is a full table spoon for each 8 fl oz, so if you want to make double the mixture use two table spoons. You can also add a bit more salt if you have thicker or longer hair, but remember the more you use the more likely it is to dry out your hair. Add the salt to the warm water and stir until dissolved.

Now it's time to add the conditioner. You really want to be using a cheaper conditioner just because they tend to be thinner and will mix properly, but any conditioner will do (you'll just have to shake the bottle a bit more). Use a coconut conditioner for the typical beachy smell or if not, make sure you use a conditioner with a strong scent so your hair will smell nice! You need to add half a table spoon of conditioner to the warm water, and then mix together. Adding the conditioner will counter-act most of the drying out that the sea-salt will do to your hair.

Next add the hair gel. Cheaper is better for this as well. You only need to add about a quarter of the table spoon, not much at all. Mix this into the warm water.

Now you can take your mixture and pour it into the spray bottle. Be careful and make sure you don't spill any (like I did! What a waste)

And lastly, put the lid on the bottle and give it a shake!! This will ensure that all of the products have properly dissolved into the water. 

Yay! Now you're done! Apply the mixture to dry hair, scrunch it up with your fingers and let it dry! Now you have lovely beachy, wavy hair! 

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  1. nice! I love beachy hair here in hawaii =)

  2. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

  3. This is just the most amazing idea for a diy post! No longer shall I fork out on stupid over priced salt sprays that don't even do the job that well, does this leave your hair feeling too gross? That's my only problem with usual salt sprays. Lovely blog, new follower :) xxx

    1. For me personally it doesn't make my hair feel weird, but if you tried it and it did you could always change the recipe a bit, add less conditioner and gel :) it's trial and error but it's cheap to make so why not!? :D xx

  4. Such a great diy post! I must try this out because I love the beachy hair look, but not the actual beach due to the sand...haha (:

    ♥ Sierra xx
    @ Stylishly Sierra

  5. Great post
    will have to try this out on my summer holiday this year
    Rachel XX

  6. Great idea! I love beachy waveed hair!
    Megan xx

  7. Wow what a great idea, thanks! :)
    xx J

  8. thanks for sharing, i've been wanting to try the bumble one for ages now. going to try making this (:


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