Ten Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self


  1. You don't need to be one of the pretty, popular girls to have real friends - those girls you used to obsess over at school, they all have children and never speak to each other any more. Popularity and good looks is not everything, and whilst you may not feel like that when you're fourteen years old, just know that you will grow up and one day you will make some of the greatest friends in the world. You'll also one day have thousands of people following you on the internet - who's popular now bitches? 
  2. Stay away from 'bad boys' - you're going to get your tiny, teenage heart broken a good few times before you meet the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. You'll spend many nights crying in bed and a few shouting in bars at the many fellas that let you down. I know that I would never be able to persuade you from really staying away from those who are bad for you, temptation will overshadow your teenage years. You're going to do a lot of things you will later regret and you're going to meet some less than favourable male characters that are going to temporarily ruin your life. So if you can't stay away, just know that your heart won't always hurt and one day you'll be happy with someone who truly loves you.
  3. Appreciate your siblings more - I know they do your head in now, but in a few years your sister and brother will mean everything to you. Yes they are frustrating, yes they steal your socks and yes they always tell your parents when you do something wrong but they love you and one day they will become your best friends.
  4. Have more confidence in yourself - it's hard to be an awkward, gawky teenager, but you won't always be this way. Your confidence won't really start to grow until you finish school, but its in school when you need as much confidence in yourself as you can get. 
  5. Be nice to people, everyone is fighting a losing battle - just remember that you aren't the only one with problems. You'll never truly understand what others are going through, so try to be as kind as possible to people. The nicer you are to people, the nicer they will be to you and that's how you make friends. Don't be so quick to judge. 
  6. Don't feel pressured to go into further education, it's not for everyone - you'll finish school and go to college like pretty much everyone you know, and you will adore college because of the friends you made but that's where it will end. Don't feel pressured to go to Uni if you know in your heart it isn't for you. There is nothing wrong with finishing college and starting your career. Trust me when I say, that you do not want to end up doing 4 years of a University course that you absolutely loathe. 
  7. Stop wearing makeup you bought from the market for £2 - put the bottle of foundation down and step away. You don't need it and it's going to ruin your skin if you carry on wearing 7 layers of bright orange, cheap makeup. Invest in something a bit more expensive, go to an actual shop and learn how to apply it correctly. 
  8. Nobody else has a clue either - we are all just trying to take life one day at a time and nobody really knows what they are doing. Most of us are good at pretending, but really, we are all just winging it. Trying and failing is how the human race learns and adapts, and trust me, you're going to do a lot of trying and failing before you realise that everyone else is doing exactly the same as you. No biggie. 
  9. Love yourself more - you aren't always going to feel ugly and gross. Under the dyed black hair and panda eyeliner you're a pretty girl with a lot to give the world and you need to realise that sooner rather than later. You've got so much going for you and you don't even realise it. You just need to love yourself more, people aren't better than you, we are all the same underneath. 
  10. It's never the end of the world - life is going to throw a lot at you during your teenage years and there are going to be times when you aren't going to be able to cope with it. Whatever happens just know that it won't always be that way. Life carries on and things are constantly changing, that's something you will always have to remind yourself even as an adult. 
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  1. I adore this post! You've mentioned so many true points, this has even inspired me to do my own. I'm currently in college so you've given me some great advice here. Thank you.

    Meg ♡

  2. I love this post, everything you said is true! xx

  3. I loved this post so much!! Very inspiring, especially when it comes to confidence. <3


  4. i love this post, i'm going to show it to my little cousin who is in year 9 at school and very self conscious. i think it will really help her! :)



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